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Version 83
Experience Rate: 15x
Meso Rate: 5x
Drop Rate: 4x


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Welcome to EternityMS

Our main npc

Item vac

Nx gain from mobs

Beta points shop (about to update)

Nx Npc

  • This is a work in progress v83 MapleStory server currently in beta testing.
  • We are a community based server encouraging party play.
  • Free roam across the world with @goto [Map Name]
  • Unique equip level system for additional stats.
  • Nx gained from killing mobs. Increased nx gains in party play.
  • Nx, Mesos, Donation Points, Vote Points, and Beta Points are all the currencies in the game accessed via an NPC.
  • We host special GM Events and Jump Quest Events as well as other daily events.
  • Custom maps, mobs, and BossPQ.

Vote for Beta Points every day!